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An Android KitKat Easter Egg BootAnimation by me

I was bored and decided to make a KitKat Easter Egg Bootanimation for my phone so that I can flaunt KitKat while booting the device too. :D
I pretty much liked the outcome so thought of sharing it with all of you.

The size of the zip is big for a bootanimation (32mb) because all the images used are of full 1280x720 resolution.

Download it from my Dev Host account - Click Here

Can be used on the Nexus One, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and all other rooted Android phones having the resolution around 720p.

To install, simply copy the zip file to system/media and give the permissions as rw-r-r (ie 644)


I had posted this boot animation on XDA too, and the reviews I got over there where wonderful. I hope you like it too. Do try it out! :)

Here is a video of how the BootAnimation looks like:

The video doesn't look too good as it's just for 5 seconds. But believe me it looks fantastic as the bootanimation on the phone because I have looped it.

Hangman - My first Android Game

So here is my first game for Android, Hangman.

You all would be familiar with Hangman, and so I don't need to explain it.

Compatibility: Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above

Size: Approx 1.4mb

Download:Download from the SlideMe App Store

The features of this Android game are:
Scores, wrong attempts left, attempted letters, and the hangman word all visible at a glanceSeveral categories of games to choose from (Cricket, Bollywood, World Countries, World Capitals, India Capitals, Football, etc)Option to select from a variety of fontsThree different difficulty levels, namely, Easy, Normal, and Hard'I Know It' feature to enter the word at one goAn option to research on the word if the player fails to identify itQuick toggle to enable and disable sound effectsSimple, light and enjoyable

Download Hangman by Abhishek Sharma - Click Here

Encrypter Decrypter - My second Android app

Encrypter Decrypter is my second Android app. Again, this is a simple app but does what it needs to do perfectly.

This app can convert your text in a reasonably secure text.

Compatibility: Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and above



- Encrypt and the encrypted text is directly copied to your clipboard

- You can directly share the encrypted text too using Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.

- For large text files, the files can be opened using a file manager and the encrypted text can also be saved to text files (This is the reason why the read and write permissions are required by the app)

- The new Tabbed UI (swipe-able tabs)

Note: Saved files are saved in /sdcard/EncryptorDecryptor/Encrypted_Texts

Please check it out. I hope you like it.



ArVoSurAr Calculator (Area Volume SurfaceArea) - My first Android App

So it's been a long time since I last wrote anything on this blog. I was starting to think that I have lost interest in blogs and articles. But well, I had to get back here to share some of my own stuff. So here I am. :)

Vacations are going on and I have nothing to do. So instead of getting bored, I thought of having a shot at Android programming. Android programming is pretty much Java, and as I know basics of Java very well I knew that starting off with Android won't be difficult either.

This post is basically for my first Android app. Not essentially the first, as the first app in any language is generally the 'Hello World' app! ;)

This app is called ArVoSurAr Calculator. I know the name sounds weird. ArVoSurAr stands for Area, Volume and Surface Area.

What this app basically does is calculate the three above mentioned values of various shapes as per the input of the user. A pretty simple app to make and simpler to try it out on your phone.

So please do download it…