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Lost 30 Kilograms - My diet plan

NOTE: Please visit HERE to view the entire diet plan

When you hear the word 'dieting', the first thing that would possibly come to your mind is empty plates, or only salads, etc. But wait, that's not the case always. Believe me, I have lost around 30 Kilograms in about a year, following a smart diet plan. I did not get this diet plan from any website or a dietitian, I just tried it and luckily it worked. I hope it works for you too.

So without any further delay, let me begin with the diet plan.

Early morning (empty stomach) - A glass of hot/lukewarm water with honey and lemon

Breakfast (strictly after bath) - A glass of milk with Britannia 5 grain biscuits or Marie Digestive (3-4 biscuits) with a banana/boiled egg/egg omelet

2-3 hours after breakfast - Fruits (avoid Chikoos and Bananas here). Apples recommended.

Lunch - Salad comprising of Cucumber and/or Tomatoes. 2 chapatis without ghee and any traditional sabzi or dal. Have sprouts at le…