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Marathon test series - Study time

The world cup is over, India has won it and now it's time to get serious. My classes have arranged several tests for us in a short span of time, giving me sleepless nights for a week or so. These tests will ideally prepare me to get ready for the competitive exams and so there is no way I can take them lightly.

Just hoping that I do well in them and my results are good. With IPL just a few days away, I don't know how I will manage to cope up with studies and cricket, but I am sure that I will manage to keep a balance of both.

And we are the World Champions

Yippeee, India has done it. We are now the World Champions, what a proud moment for the entire nation. I was in tears when I saw the Indian team win, and it was an emotional moment when the team lifted the trophy and did rounds of the entire ground.It feels great to have the cup back after 1983. This victory is surely the best cricket moment in my life, as I wasn't even born in 1983. To win the cup after so long, and that too in Mumbai is very special.I was a bit disappointed to see Sehwag get out on a duck, but the victory made me forget all those things as I danced and jumped in joy. What a superb moment it was, proud of all the players of the Indian team. I would also like to share some pics,
Indian team celebrates the world cup victory
Virender Sehwag and his son Aryavir with the WC trophy