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What a way to start the Cricket World Cup, 2011. It's Sehwag all the way!

It was the first match of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, India vs Bangladesh. Bangladesh won the toss, elected to field and then came the Indian openers, Sachin Tendulkar and my favorite, Virender Sehwag.

It was great to see Viru starting off with a boundary and then completing his fifty with a six. He looked in prime form and was certainly on his mission of taking a 'revenge'. Also he stayed at the crease almost for 50 overs, and that is commendable for an attacking batsman. I simply loved his 175, who didn't!

I'm pretty sure that there is much more to come from Sehwag's willow in this WC, eagerly waiting for the moment when Dhoni lifts the WC trophy and Sehwag receives the man of the series award. That will be a dream come true, not just for me but for the entire nation.

Here are some pics from Sehwag's inning and a video. Enjoy!

The important exams are now on

Well, I have been very busy off late due to my exams and studies so don't really get much time to write much here. The exams have already begun, the only paper done thus far is the first language, English. Next is on 28th. The exams get over on 29th March, 2011.

Post board exams I have some entrance exams so first half of this year is gonna be a hectic schedule for me. Hopefully I have God's love and his support and I sustain everything and come out as a winner.

Wish me luck guys. Thank you. :)

And yeah, even though the exams are on during the Cricket World Cup, I won't be missing the action. WC is more important than exams, isn't it? ;)