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Sehwag scores 219 - the highest individual score ever in ODIs

Wow, wow and wow! Amazing. Virender Sehwag has scored a double century in an ODI, 219 to be accurate. This is now the highest score ever by a batsman in ODI cricket. His knock was spectacular, a treat to watch.
I'm damn happy and why shouldn't I be, I've been a die-hard Sehwag fan for more than 10 years. Two triple tons in test cricket and now a double ton in ODIs, Sehwag has certainly proved that he has it in himself to play the long innings at regular basis.
I was very tensed when he was in the 190s. Was scared that what if he attempts to hit a six and gets caught. But he was wise enough and decided that if not a six, a four shall be fine to bring the 200. He slashed the ball behind point and in-front of third man for a boundary. From 197 to 201, just four runs made the entire nation rejoice in happiness. Hats off to Sehwag, legend!

It felt good when friends congratulated me on Sehwag's success. Feels really good being his fan. As soon as he reached his 200, I was …

Soon to be a Computer Engineer

Finally my engineering college has begun and I'm too happy to have secured admission in one of the colleges very close to my house. I've taken up Computer Engineering, and so I'm damn excited as this is a field where I have a deep interest.

Hoping that engineering life won't be much difficult. Have heard that exams are not the easiest and projects and vivas take away a lot of time. Will try my best to manage everything correctly. Looking forward to meet new friends and socialize even more. I've heard that the crowd of the college is pretty good, hopefully it's true. 

Mumbai University's semester system will keep me busy for all the four years, as I feel there will hardly be any free time, at least that's what the seniors say. Let's see how my engineering life progresses. All geared up for the next 4 years!

Finally I am free, done with all the exams

Finally all the exams are over and I'm free, feels great. Now waiting for the results. I have a long vacation now, planning to visit some places and have loads of fun. With so much of spare time in hands, I'm certain that I'll do something creative. Still confused on what exactly I must do but I'm sure that I'll get my plans clear. But one thing is certain that I'm looking forward to enjoy, this is the time of my life to enjoy to the fullest.

Sehwag's maiden ton in T20s and IPL

What a match it was. Delhi Daredevils against Deccan Chargers at Hyderabad was a treat to watch, a true Sehwag special to say the least. Deccan Chargers scored 175 in 20 overs, courtesy JP Duminy and a couple of no-balls by Yogesh Nagar. 175 was a huge score to be chased.

Delhi Daredevils came out to bat as Sehwag and Finch opened the innings. Finch got out for a second ball duck, later even Ojha got out early. Y Venugopal Rao also failed in this match. One match who was watching his team-mates getting dismissed by the Deccan Chargers' bowlers was Virender Sehwag, standing at the non-strikers end.

After 7 overs, Delhi had scored just 32 runs for the loss of 3 wickets. Then Sangkkara, the captain of the Chargers decided to give the ball to the debutant Ishan Malhotra. Sehwag had decided that enough is enough, now is the time to get aggressive. The first two delivers of Malhotra's over were smashed for two huge sixes by Viru, followed by 2 boundaries off the 3rd and 4th deliver…

Marathon test series - Study time

The world cup is over, India has won it and now it's time to get serious. My classes have arranged several tests for us in a short span of time, giving me sleepless nights for a week or so. These tests will ideally prepare me to get ready for the competitive exams and so there is no way I can take them lightly.

Just hoping that I do well in them and my results are good. With IPL just a few days away, I don't know how I will manage to cope up with studies and cricket, but I am sure that I will manage to keep a balance of both.

And we are the World Champions

Yippeee, India has done it. We are now the World Champions, what a proud moment for the entire nation. I was in tears when I saw the Indian team win, and it was an emotional moment when the team lifted the trophy and did rounds of the entire ground.It feels great to have the cup back after 1983. This victory is surely the best cricket moment in my life, as I wasn't even born in 1983. To win the cup after so long, and that too in Mumbai is very special.I was a bit disappointed to see Sehwag get out on a duck, but the victory made me forget all those things as I danced and jumped in joy. What a superb moment it was, proud of all the players of the Indian team. I would also like to share some pics,
Indian team celebrates the world cup victory
Virender Sehwag and his son Aryavir with the WC trophy

The World Cup fever is on!!!

The World Cup fever is certainly on, and with the India Pakistan semi-final to be held tomorrow, the excitement is at it's peak. The whole nation has gone mad, waiting desperately for the match to begin. Meanwhile, I got a gift from my neighbor, a Pepsi Cricket World Cup Jersey to support Team India. It also has the blow-horns, glasses and the face-paint. I am keen to apply the face paint and then watch the semi-final with all my friends on the big screen. Come on India, come on Sehwag, thrash the Pakistanis.Here are some pics,

Exams are finally over, but not all of them!

Yeah, finally the exams are over, the last paper was on 28th, and I'm done with it. All of them were pretty good, with Maths I being the best of them. Maths II wasn't as good as Maths I though. It was a tough task to manage the exams when the Cricket World Cup is on. It was a tough job, but had to be done and I eventually did it. The last paper was Information Technology, which is an online examination. The exam was scheduled to begin at 11 AM on the 28th of March, 2011, but due to a server crash it begun at 12.15 PM. Nonetheless, I managed to do well even after a lot of chaos created there. Well, at the end of the day, I cannot be too happy as some exams are still left, with AIEEE and CET being the notable ones. But still, I certainly have the time to enjoy the remaining part of the World Cup along with some early stages of the IPL.

What a way to start the Cricket World Cup, 2011. It's Sehwag all the way!

It was the first match of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, India vs Bangladesh. Bangladesh won the toss, elected to field and then came the Indian openers, Sachin Tendulkar and my favorite, Virender Sehwag.

It was great to see Viru starting off with a boundary and then completing his fifty with a six. He looked in prime form and was certainly on his mission of taking a 'revenge'. Also he stayed at the crease almost for 50 overs, and that is commendable for an attacking batsman. I simply loved his 175, who didn't!

I'm pretty sure that there is much more to come from Sehwag's willow in this WC, eagerly waiting for the moment when Dhoni lifts the WC trophy and Sehwag receives the man of the series award. That will be a dream come true, not just for me but for the entire nation.

Here are some pics from Sehwag's inning and a video. Enjoy!

The important exams are now on

Well, I have been very busy off late due to my exams and studies so don't really get much time to write much here. The exams have already begun, the only paper done thus far is the first language, English. Next is on 28th. The exams get over on 29th March, 2011.

Post board exams I have some entrance exams so first half of this year is gonna be a hectic schedule for me. Hopefully I have God's love and his support and I sustain everything and come out as a winner.

Wish me luck guys. Thank you. :)

And yeah, even though the exams are on during the Cricket World Cup, I won't be missing the action. WC is more important than exams, isn't it? ;)

Happy new year and a new decade

Happy new year and a new decade friends. 2011 begins and with it begins one of the most important years of my life. Its important because I have my board exams, followed by entrance exams, the Cricket World Cup, the IPL (with 2 new teams) and above all, my 18th birthday. I am superbly excited to live out the year 2011.

To celebrate the new year, I had gone to Matheran along with family and some family friends. What a place Matheran is, amazing. The beauty of nature is in its full glory. The "ghats" were amazing, short and sweet. The long walk towards the city was fun as we were walking on the railway tracks for most of the time. The trains don't come there much, so the tracks are as safe as the road.

The icing on the cake was the place where we stayed at the Hill Station. The resort was Misty Resort and I must say that it is one of the best resorts I have seen. Its small and simple, yet beautiful. The place was superb with monkeys, love birds and a rabbit. We named the r…