Exams are finally over, but not all of them!

Yeah, finally the exams are over, the last paper was on 28th, and I'm done with it. All of them were pretty good, with Maths I being the best of them. Maths II wasn't as good as Maths I though. It was a tough task to manage the exams when the Cricket World Cup is on. It was a tough job, but had to be done and I eventually did it. The last paper was Information Technology, which is an online examination. The exam was scheduled to begin at 11 AM on the 28th of March, 2011, but due to a server crash it begun at 12.15 PM. Nonetheless, I managed to do well even after a lot of chaos created there. Well, at the end of the day, I cannot be too happy as some exams are still left, with AIEEE and CET being the notable ones. But still, I certainly have the time to enjoy the remaining part of the World Cup along with some early stages of the IPL.


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