Hangman - My first Android Game

So here is my first game for Android, Hangman.

You all would be familiar with Hangman, and so I don't need to explain it.

Compatibility: Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above

Size: Approx 1.4mb

Download: Download from the SlideMe App Store

The features of this Android game are:
  • Scores, wrong attempts left, attempted letters, and the hangman word all visible at a glance
  • Several categories of games to choose from (Cricket, Bollywood, World Countries, World Capitals, India Capitals, Football, etc)
  • Option to select from a variety of fonts
  • Three different difficulty levels, namely, Easy, Normal, and Hard
  • 'I Know It' feature to enter the word at one go
  • An option to research on the word if the player fails to identify it
  • Quick toggle to enable and disable sound effects
  • Simple, light and enjoyable

Download Hangman by Abhishek Sharma - Click Here


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    & it work properly & look good
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