ArVoSurAr Calculator (Area Volume SurfaceArea) - My first Android App

So it's been a long time since I last wrote anything on this blog. I was starting to think that I have lost interest in blogs and articles. But well, I had to get back here to share some of my own stuff. So here I am. :)

Vacations are going on and I have nothing to do. So instead of getting bored, I thought of having a shot at Android programming. Android programming is pretty much Java, and as I know basics of Java very well I knew that starting off with Android won't be difficult either.

This post is basically for my first Android app. Not essentially the first, as the first app in any language is generally the 'Hello World' app! ;)

This app is called ArVoSurAr Calculator. I know the name sounds weird. ArVoSurAr stands for Area, Volume and Surface Area.

What this app basically does is calculate the three above mentioned values of various shapes as per the input of the user. A pretty simple app to make and simpler to try it out on your phone.

So please do download it and run it. Don't expect something fancy out of the app, it's a basic program but performs the given task very well.

I was planning to upload in on the Play Store but Google charges $25 one-time charge to publish apps. I'm in no mood to spend that.

So I have uploaded the app on the GetJar Store and even on Dev-Host. You can download it from either of the two places.

The application has few basic shapes to calculate values for. I may think of expanding it, but my first priority to learn new things rather than just expanding shapes which will be good for this app but not good for my knowledge.

Anyways, here are a few screenshots of the app. The GetJar and Dev-Host links to download the app are available below the screenshots.

GetJar (Under review by GetJar team. Will be up within 48 hours) - DOWNLOAD

DevHost download link - DOWNLOAD


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