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What I expect from the Google Nexus 6 (Nexus X)

The Google Nexus 6 may be known as the Google Nexus X. Two reasons, firstly, the famous story Blade Runner features Nexus 6 super-advanced robots, and giving the same name to the phone could have copyright related issues. Secondly, avoiding the nomenclature confusion for their next smartphone which will be the 7th Nexus. Google already hasa Nexus 7 tablet so that's a name clash.
Irrespective of the name (Nexus 6 or Nexus X), we know that the 6th Nexus is surely coming, and here is what I expect out of it. I will be addressing the phone as Nexus X in the rest of the article.

The basics:

5.3+ inch displaySnapdragon 805 (supporting 64 bit)3 GB RAM64 GB StorageAndroid L – that’s obvious
That’s pretty straightforward, but what about the other features or specs which are not much talked about?

Build Quality
Well, I absolutely love the build quality of the Nexus 5, but when compared with devices like the HTC One M8, it surely is a big let down. And now that it’s almost certain that the ha…

Thank you, but I refuse to do the Ice Bucket Challenge

I was nominated and was excited about the ALS IceBucketChallenge, but I have decided not to do it now for several reasons, the biggest reason being that the real motive of the challenge has now faded away and it has become more of a gimmick right now. No offence to the people who have completed the challenge, it requires great strength to complete the task and so I am very proud of you!

But instead of doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, I have rather decided to do something that really does count for the welfare of the people suffering from ALS.

I am donating a small amount for the ALS patients, but I'm not forcing you to do the same. I just ask you to read about what ALS is, and spread awareness about it.

I request you to visit and read about ALS, and spread knowledge and awareness about it.

Please do read about what ALS, and if you wish to make a difference - DONATE!

At the same time I say it again that I'm not against the Ice Buck…

Lost 30 Kilograms - My diet plan

NOTE: Please visit HERE to view the entire diet plan

When you hear the word 'dieting', the first thing that would possibly come to your mind is empty plates, or only salads, etc. But wait, that's not the case always. Believe me, I have lost around 30 Kilograms in about a year, following a smart diet plan. I did not get this diet plan from any website or a dietitian, I just tried it and luckily it worked. I hope it works for you too.

So without any further delay, let me begin with the diet plan.

Early morning (empty stomach) - A glass of hot/lukewarm water with honey and lemon

Breakfast (strictly after bath) - A glass of milk with Britannia 5 grain biscuits or Marie Digestive (3-4 biscuits) with a banana/boiled egg/egg omelet

2-3 hours after breakfast - Fruits (avoid Chikoos and Bananas here). Apples recommended.

Lunch - Salad comprising of Cucumber and/or Tomatoes. 2 chapatis without ghee and any traditional sabzi or dal. Have sprouts at le…