What I expect from the Google Nexus 6 (Nexus X)

The Google Nexus 6 may be known as the Google Nexus X. Two reasons, firstly, the famous story Blade Runner features Nexus 6 super-advanced robots, and giving the same name to the phone could have copyright related issues. Secondly, avoiding the nomenclature confusion for their next smartphone which will be the 7th Nexus. Google already hasa Nexus 7 tablet so that's a name clash.

Irrespective of the name (Nexus 6 or Nexus X), we know that the 6th Nexus is surely coming, and here is what I expect out of it. I will be addressing the phone as Nexus X in the rest of the article.

The basics:

  • 5.3+ inch display
  • Snapdragon 805 (supporting 64 bit)
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 64 GB Storage
  • Android L – that’s obvious

That’s pretty straightforward, but what about the other features or specs which are not much talked about?

Build Quality
Well, I absolutely love the build quality of the Nexus 5, but when compared with devices like the HTC One M8, it surely is a big let down. And now that it’s almost certain that the hardware will be built by Motorola, one can certainly expect a much better build quality than the Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 has a brilliant build quality, but the Nexus X may exceed it largely as it’s being developed by Moto.

Battery Life
Google has already worked on it, and the battery life on the Android L Developer Preview is fantastic! Yes, I say fantastic because I can easily say that there is at least 20% straight increase in the battery life of the Nexus 5 on the L Developer Preview. And this is not even the final version, not even a beta for that matter. It’s just a developer preview. So if Google couples this new software with a relatively larger capacity battery, we can have brilliant battery life on the Nexus X. Google has done some amazing work on Android L for the battery life, that being coupled with a huge battery can be a beastly combination.

Camera Improvements
Nexus 5 has an amazing camera in terms of hardware. But few other phones with the same lens and sensor take far better pictures than the Nexus 5. It’s because of the stock image processing Google offers. It is a known fact that Google never really took smartphone image processing too seriously (yet!), but considering how tight the mobile market is, coupled with the hardware Google and Motorola will use, a better image processing algorithm will be a big plus.

A 2K Display
Probable, but not impossible. We have already seen companies like Oppo and even Sony bundling a 2K display in their smartphones, so one would certainly expect the same from Google’s flagship device. But considering the fact that Google loves to keep the price low and offer value-for-money products, a 2K display looks unlikely. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong in expecting it and if it does happen then I’m sure all Google fans are gonna love sporting their Nexus X.

And that’s about it. Apart from a few hardware specs I mentioned above, if the extra four features I wrote are also added in the Nexus X then I’m sure it’s going to be one of the greatest Nexus devices ever.

All the best, Google! Whatever you may come up with, I’m anyway buying the Nexus X.


  1. My expectation from upcoming nexus 6 is to run smooth when i play games on it.


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