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Fever of Retro Songs on me

I have always been a person who never liked old songs. I just ignore them.

Suddenly, in a cab, the cabbie turned the radio on and retro hits were being played. I couldn't ask to change the station as I begun liking them.

Now I am just going mad for the songs. Some of the songs I am liking a lot are I am a disco dancer, Duniya mein logon ko, Jaane ja dhoondta phir raha, Om shant om, etc.

My earplugs are out of the bag and are being used after a lot time. Retro songs are so good. Surely, old is gold.

A still from the song "I am a disco dancer" All rights to the pic's owner

The song I am liking the most is "Duniya mein logon ko". The song is amazing. The new remix version in "Once Upon a time in Mumbaai" is better. Here is a video of it. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Happy Birthday, Virender Sehwag

Well it's a known fact that I am an ardent fan of Virender Sehwag. And guess what, it is his birthday today. How could it be possible that I won't celebrate it.

What Viru likes the most to eat in sweets is a typical Indian sweet, Kheer. I hate Kheer, but just on 20th October every year, I ask my mother to make it so that I can have it, celebrating Sehwag's birthday.
Yesterday (19th October) his elder son, Aryaveer turned 3 years old. These two days certainly bring a double doze of happiness to Sehwag's house.
I just hope that Sehwag continues to play cricket the way he does. We all love his cricket, don't we, and I'm sure every Indian is proud of him.

You guys can wish him on his Twitter account: @virendersehwag
This is the pic he uploaded on Twitter. I loved it, and thought of sharing it here.

How I met my idol, Virender Sehwag

I still remember the day when I met Sehwag. It was the 5th December, 2009. On 3rd December, 2009, Sehwag came out to bat at the Brabourne pitch of Mumbai. I was in my college. At around 12 noon, my friends messaged me that Viru is on fire as he reached 100. I was excited, but more jealous as my friends were in the stadium itself. Well, there was no chance I could bunk my lectures as those 3 days were the compulsory one. To add insult to injury, I had Physics practicals from 3 to 6. This meant watching this awesome inning of Viru was impossible for me.

At around 2:30, again my friends SMSed me that Viru has gone passed 200. My excitement was over the moon. I requested the professors a lot, but they did not allow me to go. Sadly, I missed the bulk of that inning. When I heard that Viru reached 250, I just did not care what my college will do if I bunk my Physics practicals. I picked up my bag, took the bus and went home to see the match on the television. All my efforts went waste as whe…

My favorite cricketer, Virender Sehwag gets the ICC test cricketer of the year award

Yesterday, the ICC Awards 2010 took place in Bangalore. All the Indians had huge expectations from the two greatest cricketers India has ever produced, Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag.

My idol, Sehwag was nominated in two categories.

ICC Cricketer of the yearICC Test Cricketer of the yearSehwag couldn't win the ICC Cricketer of the year, but he managed to proudly receive the award for the best cricketer in the original format of the cricket game, the tests.

After receiving the award, Viru said,
"It's fantastic to win the award, to take over the title from Gautam Gambhir, I think I got motivated when Gambhir got this award last time, I was discussing with him that I hope I get it this time and I got it. I'm a huge fan of Test cricket and I love to play it more than Twenty20 or one-day cricket. When I was growing up, I was playing lot of 10-over, 12-over games, so I had to score off every ball, same thing I have continued. I followed my instincts and played in the sam…

Welcome to my blog

Hello everyone, this is Abhishek Sharma. You guys can also call me Sunny, that's what my friends and relatives call me. I have just started my personal blog, I hope you guys like it.

This is a personal blog, completely about me. Find what I like, what I dislike and various other things.

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