Fever of Retro Songs on me

I have always been a person who never liked old songs. I just ignore them.

Suddenly, in a cab, the cabbie turned the radio on and retro hits were being played. I couldn't ask to change the station as I begun liking them.

Now I am just going mad for the songs. Some of the songs I am liking a lot are I am a disco dancer, Duniya mein logon ko, Jaane ja dhoondta phir raha, Om shant om, etc.

My earplugs are out of the bag and are being used after a lot time. Retro songs are so good. Surely, old is gold.

A still from the song "I am a disco dancer"
All rights to the pic's owner

The song I am liking the most is "Duniya mein logon ko". The song is amazing. The new remix version in "Once Upon a time in Mumbaai" is better. Here is a video of it. I hope you guys enjoy it.


  1. Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche is also very good. try it.

  2. Thanks Dhruv. And I already have that song, just forgot to mention it in the post. The song is too good. :)


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