Sehwag scores 219 - the highest individual score ever in ODIs

Wow, wow and wow! Amazing. Virender Sehwag has scored a double century in an ODI, 219 to be accurate. This is now the highest score ever by a batsman in ODI cricket. His knock was spectacular, a treat to watch.

I'm damn happy and why shouldn't I be, I've been a die-hard Sehwag fan for more than 10 years. Two triple tons in test cricket and now a double ton in ODIs, Sehwag has certainly proved that he has it in himself to play the long innings at regular basis.

I was very tensed when he was in the 190s. Was scared that what if he attempts to hit a six and gets caught. But he was wise enough and decided that if not a six, a four shall be fine to bring the 200. He slashed the ball behind point and in-front of third man for a boundary. From 197 to 201, just four runs made the entire nation rejoice in happiness. Hats off to Sehwag, legend!

It felt good when friends congratulated me on Sehwag's success. Feels really good being his fan. As soon as he reached his 200, I was flooded with calls and messages. I don't think I would have ever received calls and messages at this frequency even on my birthdays at midnight.

Virender Sehwag celebrates his double century

Some of his shots from the historic inning


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