An injury to my left leg

Yesterday while bowling (cricket) during my follow through, I stepped on some wet mud mixed with little oil. Was about to slip but I just managed to control it. Accidentally, in order to control it, my leg got stuck and rotated to around 270 degrees. It was paining like hell. I decided not to bowl and during batting, I kept a runner.

My runner got run out on my first delivery itself. This forced me to run myself in the next match. I played well, but this caused a lot of burden on my leg. Later the pain increased and I went home, applied some ice, relispray and an ointment and slept.

When I got up, the pain was severe and the leg had swollen a bit. My parents decided to take me to the doctor, fearing that it could be a fracture. Luckily, it wasn't a fracture, but the problem didn't end, it was ligament tear. The doctor advised me to take some tablets for the next 10 days and asked to roll the crepe bandage on my leg for 45 days. 45 days is just too much, isn't it?

Now one day has passed and I can already feel a lot of relief. Hopefully, I am back to normal very soon.

The snap of my leg with the crepe bandage on


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